What happens behind the scenes

What is the problem with social media and why you should rethink and ponder about it.


Imagine if instagram hides the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow, how is it ever going to work? It’s important because it’s basically a gauge as to how influential or ‘famous’ a person is on instagram. But really, even if you have 20k or even 100k followers and your a celebrity with a glamourous lifestyle, what is really going on behind the scenes?

These people might be famous but the things they go through on a daily basis, the challenges they face, their drama, their lifestyle, their personal life might not be so pretty and could possibly be quite dark and depressing. No one would know what you do in private, one day i pray i will be both a public success and a private success as well, if i do become famous i wish i had made the world a more livable place to live in and inspired and touch thousands of lives.

That would be my dream. I don’t want to be a public success but a private failure, only God knows what is going on with the lives of people, alot of times those issues we face must only be between you and God and we wished no one ever finds out. The lives we are called to live out is purposed with a high calling. We are called to live a holy and blameless life, not gratifying the desires of the flesh and be worldly but rather be uncommon and rise above any situation like an eagle and reign in life.

God is interested in your total success and well being he is not here to give you a religion or a system to follow. He is here to have a relationship with you. He is not a doctrine, a book, He is the word made flesh, a real living person and he knows all about your mess and he isn’t shocked or intimidated by it. In the days of Jesus, our savior ate and drank with sinners, he was known as a friend of sinners.

A perfect and holy man given this marvelous yet scandalous title. To the religious hypocrites it might be scandalous and unbecoming but to me it is a precious and a beautiful title. He isn’t afraid of your mess he wants to come near and be a part of your mess and make beauty out of ashes. Our social media is too superficial and is merely a tip of the iceberg of what is really going on with our lives. One moment someone might be looking fabulous like a super model posing with beautiful trees during autumn time in Japan. Behind the scenes he might be dealing with the loss of a loved one and a painful break up or even an unhealthy relationship.

They look really great and flawless on instagram but they are like you humans too. Photography captures only a millionth fraction of your life. If you capture a perfect shot to show to the world how fabulous you are, when in reality, the rest of your life is falling apart but your getting attention and being a sensation on facebook or instagram is it really worth it? Yet there are still those who share everything all too personal to their friends, like problems, drama, negativity. Rethink and ponder. You will be perfectly fine not sharing pointlessly with people who couldn’t care less.

First you celebrate you, before you expect others to celebrate with you, by that i mean find out the things you love about yourself, stop comparing with others and run your own race. Don’t worry about how others are doing on their race, you concentrate on your own race. We all need a savior in the world we live in today. Who will save the day? Not superman, not batman. Their hands are too small. No, His name is Jesus. The maker of the heavens and the earth. The one who laid down His life for you, the greatest love story ever told written in blood that screams ‘forgiveness!’. The one who is an all consuming fire burning with passionate heart beats of infinite love for you.

It’s time to rethink social media. The abundant life He gave me that i live is not to show off my glamour, it is inside me and i don’t need people to know about it. I live in quietness and confidence, it is my strength. No one needs to know. That life, that rich fatness of abundance is in my innerman when i am in the prescence of God. I don’t want to be glamorous i want to be awe-inspiring. I want photos that says God is awesome and His glory to be seen on me.

I don’t need to make a fashion statement on the in thing for this summer. I want to show people how God has used me to change lives and transform lives.I want people to know how good God is to me.Let’s get real folks. Social media is the opposite of real. Those who judge based on social media are superficial. The only thing that is the truth is Jesus. He said i am the way, the truth and the life. Not social media and not the foodfie you take before you eat that beautiful blueberry cheesecake.

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