The story of a boy called kot…


Let’s talk about my birthday, i was born on the 19th of july 1992. On this special day this prodigy child named korakot low was born. I don’t deny the fact that i am a genius, you are who you think you are, if that’s not the best reason, then i am sorry i wouldn’t be loving myself and appreciating God for what He did to create me. I always knew i was different from the average kid. I feel alienated and out of place, trying to fit in but could never fit. Many stories to share but let’s skip that, it’s too personal. Life wasn’t a bed of roses, although i was born with a silver spoon, my family fell apart when i was 3 and i was forced to migrate to sunny island singapore to stay with my grandparents and aunt. I had a very very murderously bad temper due to the fact i was left enstranged without my parents and here to stay with people i barely know, my aunt and even my younger brother was at my mercy sometimes when something triggers my pain. I remembered reciting my first children’s english book at the age of 4. Although i came here only knowing thai. I mastered basic english and chinese in one year’s time, all that by singapore’s brilliant education system still the ability to learn and grasp complexity at such a frightening rate, the normal family members would be freaked out. My family all knew this kid wasn’t your ordinary grandson. Soon he was drawing and courting a blonde at the local nusery. Which explains my charms and my exotic tastebuds, i go for rare things in life. He also rides a bike and roller bladed at 7. All by himself. No one taught him, only him his survival instincts and strong independance together with the guidance of my precious yeye that took me to east coast park, what He taught me was simple, using science, steady yourself by walking on rough gravel first, once i mastered that i started blading like i was born to do it. My grandpa was a consultant at NUS, he didn’t graduate with a phd, in the 60s to get there you needed brains and help from above. I am also a natural born leader, brave, adventurous and creative boy at such a delicate age. Which is why today i am in love with this special boy called Noah. I didn’t see all this in the past to tell you the truth, i was in a prison of hopelessness, God open the eyes of my heart and gave me back memories i never remembered my entire life, suddenly memories of my childhood comes flooding back while i reminesce, this is how Jesus healed my emotions and personality, He is the good shepherd that restores my soul. I became a believer of Jesus, got born-again, at secondary 2, i was studying at geylang methodist secondary. Wheel-chaired my grandma to a crusade at singapore indoor stadium and got her saved by a preaching of a great man of God called reinhard bonnke, he was one of my heroes, next is pastor prince.  Just me and God. No, actually it was just God. I give all the glory to God. No one told me how special i was, i just thought i was weird and ‘different’. Until one day it dawned on me, the great potential that was latent inside my very core took great grace and love to unlock and a high level of godly confidence of course. Let the real gem shine. The raw piece of rock, with a beautiful precious gem hidden inside, that everyone thought was just a rock, known only by certain people with a keen sense of seeing what’s inside that rock, to mention a few, my aunt, my dad, my mum and maybe some of my teachers. But the greatest gem hunter was Jesus. He was chasing me and finding me, since the day i was born till now, I was on his mind. Today, i am a successful, confident, handsome and happy young man ready to knock down the giants of my life. Hallelujah. This is my short story of my life thus far. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 Thank you.

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