The leap of faith

How i feel about starting this blog…


Hey there! Welcome to my blog, i am so excited as this is my very first blog post! You know, being committed to a blog dedicated to bringing glory to Jesus requires a huge leap of faith, this raised so many what ifs in my mind. What if no one is interested in reading what i post?What if instead of inspiring people i end up turning people off? What if my effort doesn’t pays off well? I mean $$, realistically speaking. But i ask myself, if God would really want to use me to glorify Him to bring more souls to Him, He’s not going to make me do that without giving me a hand. He is my shepherd, all i need to do is follow, He’s responsible for me. So that takes alot of pressure off me. I just enjoy the process of blogging and back off while i let Him do His job of winning hearts and souls. Making sense so far? Now some of you may ask, is this a religious or a spirituality blog. Religion? No. Spirituality? I can say yes. But more than that it is about living ‘THE LIFE’ which you will see more in the days to come, it is about my personal revelations from the Lord and how i respond to the ups and downs of life in faith, hey if hollywood can portray a lie so perfectly with added special effects, that life like what you see in the movie is meant to be the life you should live by. Please, let me show you a higher way, a better way, the ‘holy word’ way. The truth of what is really cool and uncompromised.

Okok, if you don’t understand me, pardon me, simply speaking, this blog is basically me living life to the fullest and richest way possible, might not be materially i am talking about, there are some poor people with plenty of money out there. You can expect lots of photography, food reviews, singing, agressive roller blading, exploring, discovering, travelling around the world and maybe even public speaking and other crazy things not mentioned here like bungee jumping and sky diving. 😨😂

Have a blessed week ahead!

“The theif’s(the devil) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My(Jesus) purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. John 10:10 NLT

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