No dreams are too big-dare to dream big

Find out why those dreams were birthed in the first place, why dreams remain unfulfilled and why you can expect that God will fulfill those dreams for us…


When i was young i wanted to be a fighter pilot. But as i grew older my expectations and mindset changed so i gave it up. I always believed we should never underestimate dreams. A simple yet powerful idea can impact and shake the entire world. However, i understood now why do dreams get unfulfilled. Sometimes we feel we are nowhere near fulfilling that dream we have in our hearts, let me reveal to you what God has taught me about making dreams come true.

You will find in bookstores books under the self help section that tells you a method, a secret or a technique that if you put in enough effort and never give up and perservere till the end you are guaranteed a dream come true. Now, let me reveal to you what God has taught me instead. Hidden in the bible are treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The bible is a book full of treasures, those who dig deep are the ones who wants to seek the beauty of the Lord and to behold His loveliness.

One word from God can change your life, one revelation from Him can give you the breakthrough you need. Spending time with Him is so satisfying to my innerman. My days become so full and abundant. God even adds to you length of days and long life when you prioritize His word. In every book we see Jesus in the bible. All that we need in this life are found in this amazing book. The scriptures are God breathed. The word of God says that God is a God who exceeds our expectation. He always hears us and gives us all things. Not only that He always over answer and over supply us. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

Let me share with you a story. Once there was a very wealthy prince in the middle east. He wanted to learn how to play golf. So he invited a world renowned golf player to his golf club to teach him golf. They had a wonderful time and the prince was very pleased. So the prince asked, “what can i do for you in return for your kindness in accepting my invitation to teaching me how to play golf?” At first he politely rejected because it was his honor and there’s no need to repay his kindness. But the prince insisted. So in the end he said, “well if you insist maybe i just want a golf club, just one will do”. The prince said, “very well you will get a golf club as a gift from me”. So the golf player waited and wondered how would his golf club looked like? Maybe it will be encrusted with diamonds or maybe it would be made of gold? 3 months have passed but he hasn’t heard from the prince. Finally he received a letter from the prince.

He opened the letter, it says i would like to thank you so much for teaching me how to play golf this is my gift to you as promised, a brand new golf club completely owned by you, where you can play golf anytime it has the latest facilities.The golf player was shocked, he asked for a golf club but the prince gave him an entire place with all the facilities where he can play golf anytime. His own golf club under his name! That my friend is how our heavenly father is like. He always over exceeds our request. Your dreams are too small for God. No dream is too big for God. He always give us much much better and bigger than what we could imagine or think. God loves to surprise us. Just like how fathers surprise their children on their birthday. He loves it when we open our present and our face brims with gladness and joy because what we got is better than what we expected.

First, you need to ask God. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and what you are jealous of when you have a big God with an inexhaustible supply, simply ASK! Second, dream big(God will still exceed that no matter how big you think your dream is). Third, believe it has already been done, that it has already been accomplished. See the end result, God’s way is you believe it first then you will see it. Jesus paid the price at the cross for all the blessings and favor for our lives, a divine exchange took place about 2000 years ago, because of His great love for you He gave you His only Son, heaven’s best for you. It wasn’t an angel who died for us, it was the son of God. He took all He didn’t deserve upon Himself, all the punishment for our sins that offended a holy God, all the judgement that was meant for us fell upon Jesus. We receive freely by faith what we didn’t deserve, all of God’s goodness, blessings, provision, favor. In case you don’t understand why would God be so good to give you something so precious when you did nothing to deserve it, it’s His love and grace towards you my friend, He went to the cross for you and suffered a gruesome death for you, all because of His great love for you. Lastly, thank him for all the things in life that you already have, no matter how small they may be. Have a gratitude attitude. Whatever it is just thank him, trust that He is always a good God and has been good to you. No matter what you are facing always thank Him. When you are going through a trial for your mistakes, thank him. Always justify God and blame ourselves. He loves you even when you fail. He will never give up on you and His everlasting love for you is unconditional. I want to take this opportunity for readers that have felt the love of God and experienced for the first time the presence of God while you are reading this. I have a special word from the Lord for you, whoever you are you feel like you are about to give up hope because you failed in life. God wants to restore to you all that you have lost. He wants to embrace you and kiss you, He doesn’t remember whatever you have done wrong in the past, He wants to give you sonship and adopt you to be the child of the most high. I would like to invite you to say this short prayer with me.

Dear heavenly father, i thank you Lord for sending your one and only son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, I believe He rose again on the third day, Jesus is my Lord and savior. I am now your child, highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved by you. In Jesus name, amen.

If you prayed this prayer you are now a child of God and Jesus is now your Lord and your savior and God is your heavenly father. I recommend as a new christian you start with some resources that will help you in your walk with God. A few good preachers and pastors are Joseph prince from new creation church in Singapore and Joel osteen from lakewood church Texas, America. They preach messages that unveils Jesus’ perfection and beauty. Most of all they preach the finished work and grace filled messages that points to Jesus. You can do a google search on these two names they come as highly recommended as i have been personally impacted by their ministry and they have been a tremendous help to me and my walk with God. You can purchase their resources from their website or you can go to youtube to view the resources for free.

Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20

What happens behind the scenes

What is the problem with social media and why you should rethink and ponder about it.

Imagine if instagram hides the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow, how is it ever going to work? It’s important because it’s basically a gauge as to how influential or ‘famous’ a person is on instagram. But really, even if you have 20k or even 100k followers and your a celebrity with a glamourous lifestyle, what is really going on behind the scenes?

These people might be famous but the things they go through on a daily basis, the challenges they face, their drama, their lifestyle, their personal life might not be so pretty and could possibly be quite dark and depressing. No one would know what you do in private, one day i pray i will be both a public success and a private success as well, if i do become famous i wish i had made the world a more livable place to live in and inspired and touch thousands of lives.

That would be my dream. I don’t want to be a public success but a private failure, only God knows what is going on with the lives of people, alot of times those issues we face must only be between you and God and we wished no one ever finds out. The lives we are called to live out is purposed with a high calling. We are called to live a holy and blameless life, not gratifying the desires of the flesh and be worldly but rather be uncommon and rise above any situation like an eagle and reign in life.

God is interested in your total success and well being he is not here to give you a religion or a system to follow. He is here to have a relationship with you. He is not a doctrine, a book, He is the word made flesh, a real living person and he knows all about your mess and he isn’t shocked or intimidated by it. In the days of Jesus, our savior ate and drank with sinners, he was known as a friend of sinners.

A perfect and holy man given this marvelous yet scandalous title. To the religious hypocrites it might be scandalous and unbecoming but to me it is a precious and a beautiful title. He isn’t afraid of your mess he wants to come near and be a part of your mess and make beauty out of ashes. Our social media is too superficial and is merely a tip of the iceberg of what is really going on with our lives. One moment someone might be looking fabulous like a super model posing with beautiful trees during autumn time in Japan. Behind the scenes he might be dealing with the loss of a loved one and a painful break up or even an unhealthy relationship.

They look really great and flawless on instagram but they are like you humans too. Photography captures only a millionth fraction of your life. If you capture a perfect shot to show to the world how fabulous you are, when in reality, the rest of your life is falling apart but your getting attention and being a sensation on facebook or instagram is it really worth it? Yet there are still those who share everything all too personal to their friends, like problems, drama, negativity. Rethink and ponder. You will be perfectly fine not sharing pointlessly with people who couldn’t care less.

First you celebrate you, before you expect others to celebrate with you, by that i mean find out the things you love about yourself, stop comparing with others and run your own race. Don’t worry about how others are doing on their race, you concentrate on your own race. We all need a savior in the world we live in today. Who will save the day? Not superman, not batman. Their hands are too small. No, His name is Jesus. The maker of the heavens and the earth. The one who laid down His life for you, the greatest love story ever told written in blood that screams ‘forgiveness!’. The one who is an all consuming fire burning with passionate heart beats of infinite love for you.

It’s time to rethink social media. The abundant life He gave me that i live is not to show off my glamour, it is inside me and i don’t need people to know about it. I live in quietness and confidence, it is my strength. No one needs to know. That life, that rich fatness of abundance is in my innerman when i am in the prescence of God. I don’t want to be glamorous i want to be awe-inspiring. I want photos that says God is awesome and His glory to be seen on me.

I don’t need to make a fashion statement on the in thing for this summer. I want to show people how God has used me to change lives and transform lives.I want people to know how good God is to me.Let’s get real folks. Social media is the opposite of real. Those who judge based on social media are superficial. The only thing that is the truth is Jesus. He said i am the way, the truth and the life. Not social media and not the foodfie you take before you eat that beautiful blueberry cheesecake.


The story of a boy called kot…

Let’s talk about my birthday, i was born on the 19th of july 1992. On this special day this prodigy child named korakot low was born. I don’t deny the fact that i am a genius, you are who you think you are, if that’s not the best reason, then i am sorry i wouldn’t be loving myself and appreciating God for what He did to create me. I always knew i was different from the average kid. I feel alienated and out of place, trying to fit in but could never fit. Many stories to share but let’s skip that, it’s too personal. Life wasn’t a bed of roses, although i was born with a silver spoon, my family fell apart when i was 3 and i was forced to migrate to sunny island singapore to stay with my grandparents and aunt. I had a very very murderously bad temper due to the fact i was left enstranged without my parents and here to stay with people i barely know, my aunt and even my younger brother was at my mercy sometimes when something triggers my pain. I remembered reciting my first children’s english book at the age of 4. Although i came here only knowing thai. I mastered basic english and chinese in one year’s time, all that by singapore’s brilliant education system still the ability to learn and grasp complexity at such a frightening rate, the normal family members would be freaked out. My family all knew this kid wasn’t your ordinary grandson. Soon he was drawing and courting a blonde at the local nusery. Which explains my charms and my exotic tastebuds, i go for rare things in life. He also rides a bike and roller bladed at 7. All by himself. No one taught him, only him his survival instincts and strong independance together with the guidance of my precious yeye that took me to east coast park, what He taught me was simple, using science, steady yourself by walking on rough gravel first, once i mastered that i started blading like i was born to do it. My grandpa was a consultant at NUS, he didn’t graduate with a phd, in the 60s to get there you needed brains and help from above. I am also a natural born leader, brave, adventurous and creative boy at such a delicate age. Which is why today i am in love with this special boy called Noah. I didn’t see all this in the past to tell you the truth, i was in a prison of hopelessness, God open the eyes of my heart and gave me back memories i never remembered my entire life, suddenly memories of my childhood comes flooding back while i reminesce, this is how Jesus healed my emotions and personality, He is the good shepherd that restores my soul. I became a believer of Jesus, got born-again, at secondary 2, i was studying at geylang methodist secondary. Wheel-chaired my grandma to a crusade at singapore indoor stadium and got her saved by a preaching of a great man of God called reinhard bonnke, he was one of my heroes, next is pastor prince.  Just me and God. No, actually it was just God. I give all the glory to God. No one told me how special i was, i just thought i was weird and ‘different’. Until one day it dawned on me, the great potential that was latent inside my very core took great grace and love to unlock and a high level of godly confidence of course. Let the real gem shine. The raw piece of rock, with a beautiful precious gem hidden inside, that everyone thought was just a rock, known only by certain people with a keen sense of seeing what’s inside that rock, to mention a few, my aunt, my dad, my mum and maybe some of my teachers. But the greatest gem hunter was Jesus. He was chasing me and finding me, since the day i was born till now, I was on his mind. Today, i am a successful, confident, handsome and happy young man ready to knock down the giants of my life. Hallelujah. This is my short story of my life thus far. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 Thank you.

Just be yourself

What does being yourself really means. You are not your own person, you were created. Find out why our identity is found in Christ.

You probably heard it a million times. The phrase ‘just be yourself’ is a modern day cliche. Why then are there still so many unhappy people in the world? The fact is most people today are being moulded and compressed to meet the society’s expectation. Many are still chasing after what they think will make them happy, money, fame, accolades, success and the ideal body. It is not wrong to improve yourself or to achieve better results but the question lies with if your motive to you doing what you are currently doing is right.

People who are truly happy and satisfied with life finds their satisfaction and fulfillment from within. We as humans have a hole in our hearts that nothing in this world can fill except for the one who created this hole, God. You are never meant to go through life with only horizontal relationships without acknowledging God as your savior and to have a vertical relationship with Him.

You can have plenty of money and still be poor and unhappy. You can have the body most people would admire and still want a body somebody else have and still be unsatisfied. Don’t be on a constant treadmill of getting validation from people, the only validation you need and already have is to know how perfect you already are because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You are loved by God and He sees you perfect, blameless and righteous.

I dabbled into some dating materials written by dating experts on how to have a more successful dating life out of curiosity and honestly emptiness. The book taught me how the brain works and how i should take advantage of the chemistry behind the psychology of our human brains. When i use certain words and phrases it triggers a part of our brain called the reptilian brain, the point of saying these ‘magical lines’ is to cause a massive intrigue on my target. When that happens, they will do whatever it takes to satisfy that intrigue.

Sure it might work and make girls or guys go gaga over you, but wouldn’t i be trusting more in human efforts and human wisdom and understanding more than the favor of God. The fact that i am God’s beloved and highly favored means i already have that x factor about me, i naturally already am attractive, believing otherwise would mean i am not counting on God’s favor and thus putting myself at a disadvantage to other guys.

My experience with experimenting on the dating advice was really uncomfortable, instead of putting me in a position of control or power as it claims, on the contrary, it makes me feel more insecure about who i am. I start to question my own attractiveness and my worth. There was nothing wrong with me to begin with, i didn’t need people to do what i want and control their reactions, a successful dating life doesn’t mean more women or men in your life, it means that your date would eventually end up as your life partner. As for me, if a life partner wasn’t what i was looking for, why waste my time on dating?

I don’t want wasted years on being a master at dating. I want a family. As far as i am concern, 5 years from now, i want to have a family, not be a professional player having plenty of women but never settling down. God is going to bring the right girl to me and He knows the most suitable and eligible candidates out there, i rather trust in Him. There’s only one me. I don’t need whoever i go out on a date with to like me. I don’t need a secret formula, i just need to have that success with just that one girl i eventually would marry.

The book’s selling point is that you can make any man or women fall in love with you by using a secret trick. It thrives on the fact that customers would love to be an object of desire, to be chased by your dream guy or girl, to be someone people get hooked to like drugs. So the question is does all that makes me truly happy? I will again be looking for things on the outside to validate me.

When in fact i should turn to God who truly satisfies me and accepts me, in fact, i already am the object of desire by the perfect man. His name is Jesus. I am complete and He loves me just the way i am. The more i know that the more the real me can shine, the more what is authentic and what is uniquely beautiful about me i can give to this world and the more lives i will touch. God’s way are simple, but don’t let the simplicity fool you, His ways are the best.

Don’t try, just do it

This post is on a piece of advice i received from a stranger that i will never forget. His words were, “don’t try, just do it”.

No it’s not the motto for Nike. More precisely it’s ‘don’t try, just do it.’ I got this fantastic word of advice from a stranger i met at a camera service center. I innocently interrupted the conversation between him and the technical staff by asking the technical staff basic questions on the usage of a DSLR which i just bought. He was just standing beside him listening to the whole conversation.

He cut in the conversation and volunterily offered a free comprehensive introductory lesson on the fundamentals behind photography using a DSLR camera, FREE OF CHARGE. I called it ‘qarah’ that’s the hebrew word for happen or to encounter. I am blessed indeed, he is a reputable blogger and photographer. He was kind, gracious and very helpful, he didn’t brush off my basic questions. Later, he gave me his name card and took a walk with me.

His name is Wilson Wong his website is

There’s a famous quote by Yoda from ‘Starwars’, ‘do or do not, there is no try’. although he is fictional, you can’t help but to be inspired by the philosophical wisdom that is behind the meaning of this quote. He told me that his piece of advice for me was originally by Yoda. Infact, we should thank the ingenious creator behind Yoda, George Lucas.

Many times in life, when we ‘try to do things’, instead of achieving the results we want we end up getting a negative outcome. We ‘try to kick this bad habit’, ‘try to not be late for work’ or ‘try to make more money’. When we try to do things, i think it means that we don’t want the desired goal bad enough. If you can’t do it with a clear-cut resolve, then i suggest you don’t try it in the first place.

If you want something done, there is no maybe or perhaps, just go for it. It is important you examine what is the posture or attitude you are of when you are getting something done. When you are trying, what it means is it doesn’t matter if you fail, you can just give up and move on. But truly doing it means, there are no other options, you set certain goals, each with whatever steps necessary to achieve them no matter what and even if you fail, you simply refuse to give up because giving up is not an option.

When you are doing something and not trying, you enjoy the process of getting it done, it’s not a chore to you, instead of struggling, you feel comfortable in your own skin, feeling as if you were born to do this. There might be a storm in life you are going through but in your heart there’s a calm, because you believe it is only temporal but your determination is long lasting. You have the resilience and peserverance in you required to do it again and again untill you succeed.

If Thomas Edison tried to invent a light bulb, the world would still be using candles to see at night now. Thank God for Thomas Edison. No one else knew how at that time, he was the only one destined to invent the first light bulb. He succeeded because of his strong determination and unshakable resolve in making the light bulb work even if it means taking 1,000 steps.

If you are trying you are going to give up. But if you are doing, you will never give up until one day you finally make it. Some people are overweight, they chose it, they didn’t want it but year after year their weight isn’t dropping, because they try to lose weight. Whereas those who just lose weight, they see themselves fit even before they start losing weight, they are smiling on their way to the gym, because they are doing and they are not trying. It might be a tough and arduous journey for those who want to lose weight, the easy way is never the best way.

Are there certain areas in your life you might be trying, i encourage you to do a simple exercise. List a number of things in your life that you are trying to do which might be stopping you from fulfilling your dream. Now you are going to turn them from a ‘trying to do’ to a ‘do’. For eg, ‘i am trying to save money’ to ‘i am saving money’. Next you are going to write down the necessary steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal and stick to them no matter what. Remember failing might be an option but giving up is not. It’s time to burn the bridge.

Just doing alone is still not exactly scripturally the most accurate way of effortless success. Spiritually speaking from a stand point of a christian, i believe you are trying when you are striving or using your self effort. Self-effort has it’s limits it can only bring you as far to the point where you are struggling for that breakthrough that you desire.

However, the opposite of self effort is coming under the effect of grace. Self effort is demand-orientated whereas grace is supply-orientated. Doing things under grace is a whole new level, you put God’s supply in the equation of your limited abilities and finite resources, you bring your emptiness to the inexhaustible supply of God’s fullness.

Whatever you put in His hands multiply effortlessly, you might be a high school drop out, but by His grace He gives you the breakthroughs, open the doors and let you meet the right people you need to build a multi-million dollar business. Self-effort is trusting in yourself, grace is trusting in the unmerited favor of a loving savior.

What God has to give you has nothing on your part to deserve it, just pure unearned, unmerited favor. You touch the supernatural and miraculous realm when you are under grace. You might say, ‘But i don’t deserve it.’ Precisely, grace wouldn’t be called grace if it was deserved. That is the nature of God, He is a big God, a gracious and compassionate God. Jesus paid the price at the cross to bring grace to a suffering world.

“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention which requires 1,000 steps.”

Thomas Edison

For i can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

Philipians 4:13 NLT

This post is in response to last week’s discover challenge.

A Piece of Advice

Review on chili crab and mango fish at G7 sin ma live seafood restaurant

Craving for chili crab and fish for supper? Read my food review to find out more about one of the best live seafood restaurant in town.

So here’s the story, i woke up at 10pm from a nice nap because i didn’t sleep well yesterday. I missed my church service on friday night, dam the topic was on habits, i have some bad habits i need to rid myself of. I wish i didn’t oversleep, but all things work together for good to them who loves God anyway. Perhaps there could be a reason why i missed that service, maybe i really needed that nap. This craving is my inner man hungering for Christ. Alot of times when we have a sudden hunger in the wee hours, we mistaken our spiritual thirst and hunger for God for physical hunger. Our souls long to be satisfied with the only one who truly satisfies, His name is Jesus. Having a heavy meal before you sleep can pose some problems such as weight gain and poor sleep quality, i hope i don’t do this often.

Anyway, let me share with you my food adventure for friday night, while some people are partying the night away i decided to try my favorite food i haven’t tried in a long time. Few reasons why. I don’t get a bad hangover the next day, i prefer good food over alcohol, it’s fun and spontaneous and lastly it’s friday night, i don’t want to sleep so soon.


He really needs to learn to put down his phone. This is my friend the smartphone addict. Friendship nowadays…

Destination:  G7 Sin Ma Live seafood restaurant

Address at Geylang branch: 161, 163 Geylang Lorong 3 #01-01/02

Opening hours: 3pm to 3.30am


If you want more details on the restaurant, check out their website, they have a few other branches too.

Service is really good, mostly female staff from mainland china, they are very polite and friendly and they keep calling you ‘Lao Ban’ which means boss in chinese. 😂So we ordered 2 dishes, one chili crab about 1.8kg and 1 mango fish, both are the signature dishes. I heard the frog porridge is really good too, but too bad i got ranidaphobia.


Meat is very juicy and succulent, it has a sweet taste and not too spicy. Texture of the meat is firm and mushy at the same time. Seafood is definitely fresh and live.
Fish is crispy and its dry ensuring the cripsyness. The fish has a tangy mango flavor. No wonder it’s called mangofish! 😆

Will i recommend this to my friends yes of course! I will definitely come back again for more.

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Price: 3.5/5

It might be slightly pricey other that it is fabulous!

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy spirit. Romans 14:17 NLT

The leap of faith

How i feel about starting this blog…

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, i am so excited as this is my very first blog post! You know, being committed to a blog dedicated to bringing glory to Jesus requires a huge leap of faith, this raised so many what ifs in my mind. What if no one is interested in reading what i post?What if instead of inspiring people i end up turning people off? What if my effort doesn’t pays off well? I mean $$, realistically speaking. But i ask myself, if God would really want to use me to glorify Him to bring more souls to Him, He’s not going to make me do that without giving me a hand. He is my shepherd, all i need to do is follow, He’s responsible for me. So that takes alot of pressure off me. I just enjoy the process of blogging and back off while i let Him do His job of winning hearts and souls. Making sense so far? Now some of you may ask, is this a religious or a spirituality blog. Religion? No. Spirituality? I can say yes. But more than that it is about living ‘THE LIFE’ which you will see more in the days to come, it is about my personal revelations from the Lord and how i respond to the ups and downs of life in faith, hey if hollywood can portray a lie so perfectly with added special effects, that life like what you see in the movie is meant to be the life you should live by. Please, let me show you a higher way, a better way, the ‘holy word’ way. The truth of what is really cool and uncompromised.

Okok, if you don’t understand me, pardon me, simply speaking, this blog is basically me living life to the fullest and richest way possible, might not be materially i am talking about, there are some poor people with plenty of money out there. You can expect lots of photography, food reviews, singing, agressive roller blading, exploring, discovering, travelling around the world and maybe even public speaking and other crazy things not mentioned here like bungee jumping and sky diving. 😨😂

Have a blessed week ahead!

“The theif’s(the devil) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My(Jesus) purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. John 10:10 NLT